Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sneak Peak on SigmaBeauty's New collection!

If you are in need of some awesome new travel brushes, Sigma is coming out soon with a really cute collection!!!

November 21st is the release of the "cities" collection. This kit features 7 travel sized brushes that are from the best selling Essential and premium kits! The brushes are as follows!
E05 Eyeliner
E35 Tapered Blending
E45 Small Tapered
E60 Large Shader
F05 Small Contour
F15 Duo Fibre
and F30 Large powder

Here is a picture! (so CUTE)

The case turns into two cup holders to hold your brushes and each kit are named after cities!
London (brown), Toyko (pink), Paris (red) and New york (black)

they are VERY cute and I recommend checking these out as soon as they are available in stores!
For awesome products in general ,
.Black friday will be awesome and I'll let you know further information as soon as I find out!!!
Here is the URL for happy shopping! Type in the following address below!


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