Friday, October 14, 2011

Lumiere Cosmetics Review

I was sent some eyeshadows,blush and face powder to review from a company called "Lumiere Cosmetics". They are mineral makeup and I was excited to try it out. Let me just say, I was nervous that it wasnt going to be that great but decided to give an honest review and try it out anyways.I was BLOWN away. These colors are all amazing and GORGEOUS! So I decided that I needed to get the word out and share them (swatches and pics) with you! I tried all of it on and I was amazed that the eyeshadows were so sparkly and stayed on so well. The blush matched perfectly for me and in all honesty, I am glad I tried these! Here are the eyeshadows I tried as well as swatches: Keep in mind, I did not alter these pictures in any way...These colors are all showed in their true light:

from left to right : Light plum, Dirty blonde and Expresso

The Above Gorgeous chocolate brown has beautiful gold reflects in it. This HAS to be one of my favorite eyeshadows to date. Beautiful for fall! The name of this one is "EXPRESSO". You Barely need any on application because this one is truly pigmented but shows of the reflects beautifully!

This neutral beige-y color called "Dirty Blonde" is almost a perfect dupe for Macs "Omega" I am going to recommend this one for work, the pinup eye look as well as if you just prefer a neutral eye.

This is a BEAUTIFUL Plum color that also has gold reflects in it. This is also a must have for fall! This one is called "Light Plum" This one is also pigmented so you dont need much but is gorgeous when applied as a crease color!

From Left to Right here are some swatches of:
Light Plum, Dirty Blonde and Expresso!

I definitely recommend these eyeshadows. They are gorgeous in pictures but more beautiful in person. The pictures dont do justice!

As I stated earlier I was also sent blush and Face powder! Here are the swatches/Pics of those as well!!!

The above blush is called "Clay". It is a Salmon /coral pink. Its a lovely color for the summer and you definitely don't need much application for it is really pigmented!

If you want something softer, this is "Sweet Cherub". BEAUTIFUL! It is a pale/light frosty pink with gold reflects. it is a shimmer and reminds me of the MAC MSFs. This one is perfect for fall and summer as it gives a slight frosty glow!

Here is a swatch that is also unaltered to show you true representation! From left to right is sweet cherub, then Clay!

The last two things I was sent was Facial powders. A cashmere and a luminesse. These were also very well made. Coverage was light/medium and I was also fond of these two. I am currently fair/light so they sent me those. Here are swatches!

The above is the "Light/Medium Beige

This one is Light/Medium Neutral

I didnt do swatches of these because, well they pretty much blended into my skin so you couldnt see them! They did work very well for me so I also recommend those as well!

Check out Lumiere Cosmetics on twitter as well as the website. Amazing colors, beautiful Application and I am very impressed! I will be doing a yt video wearing ALL of the above products sent and talk about them there as well! Hope you enjoyed my first review!