Sunday, October 4, 2009

Constant new ideas

Hey everyone!
Hope everyone is doing great today! Ive been having multiple ideas as to which direction I want to take my YT page to. I am always going to do makeup tutorials but I wanted to add something that not many people have as well. Im so cluttered with information I could use and ideas that I have!

One idea was to include exercise routines also. But the only regret I have with this, would mean I would need to show my unfit self in front of the youtube community. Would I want to open the doors to cruel hater comments? Im already self conscience so i think as great as an idea as this is, i might just have to pass for the sake of my huimility...who knows though, we will see!

Another idea was to share some cooking tips that I have. Now, Im no emeril but i do have some yummy recipes and I think woman AND men alike would love to see this. Although with my luck- i would almost burn the house down in front of the camera! What a show that would be! hahaha.

So I guess this blog is to mainly express how I want to go in a few directions on my channel. Like i said, i wot stop doing tutorials, but i want to do anything that women would find interesting!!!

If you have any ideas-dont be shy- share them! If not thats ok too- Im full of them!
So just a heads up on some changing things! You guys have a restful,lazy rest of the sunday evening! talk to you soon!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Contest Winners

Contest Results will be up soon everyone! My car recently broke/cost me 800.00 to fix so Im waiting for my next paycheck! Anyways, I think everyone did great! Also, Im awaiting the arrival of some very important products to me so I can do some hauls and new fall looks! Be patient, Ive been super busy! WHat products are you wondering? WELL, spell cosmetics "thebubblegumprinces kit" as well as some samples from Glamour Doll eyes! YAY stay tuned on my channel to see!
If you dont know it, I welcome you to go check it out :)

Have a great day/night everyone!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


contests are stressful!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Facial products to die for!

So I figured I would base this particular blog posts on some thoughts...
First off, Since the contest- I have aquired 263 Subscribers. I started the contest with 224. Thats 39 subscribers more!! Im not quite sure How to feel because I really didnt think I would even get past 20 subscribers...ever! I am hoping I get a lot of contest entries, but Contests leave me super paranoid and Im always afraid I wont get any...until the day before- then, BAM, thats usually when they come in. We shall see!
Secondly and lastly- I wanted to post two things that I am absolutely obsessed with right now. Both are from "origins". I had mentioned them in a video for August favorites ,But, Ill have to re do it since its super loud and Im not sure how to edit the sound! Ive tried everything!!
Anyways, the two products work amazingly. The first one is is called Modern Friction and it works wonders on eliminating dead skin cells on your face! Its sticky with less defined crystals to scratch the skin! The wonders of this are because of the stickiness- it helps pull off the dead skin and the gentle crystals are barely noticeable when applying over the face. The moment you wash it off, it feels amazingly soft. It cost roughly 20 dollars but worth it :) The other product is a charcoal facial mask called, Clear Improvement. It strips down the oily-ness in your pores and detoxifies it as well. I use this every night after removing my makeup. I leave it on for about 10 minutes,then take my facial brush and massage it off. Afterwards, comes the moisterizer! this cost me 18 dollars I think? Anyways, both 2 facial products i cannot get enough of. So if you can save up the dollars, definitely try one, or both!!

If you have any recommendations youd like to share feel free to comment! and have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ok, so 224 subscribers later, I decided its time again for one of those awesome things we call, a CONTEST! Thus will be a fun one because I am basing it off my fav director, Tim Burton. The theme (thought of by my awesome sisnlaw) is of course,Alice in wonderland creation. Itll be fun. Prizes will be awesome this time and will be MAC! who wouldnt want a piece of that???Anyways, Im excited to see how many entries I will get with this and how many new subbies take part on my channel!!! Itll be super fun! I will post a link once I put up the video that way, if your a youtube subscriber, you can enter!! YAY!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well HELLO there matey's!

Hey people! I decided to add just another thing to my list of what I already do!
so NOW, you are all invited to read my blog about, well, everything! If you didnt already know I am a little guru on youtube! "ALadyNeverTells" . Also, I am on twitter as starcrossedlvr. So follow, and or subscribe if you like. If you dont like either...well thats just peachy too!