Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am so excited for this!

The harry potter trailor makes me so pumped!! COME ON NOVEMBER!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

new blog

Hey lovely followers! I created a baby blog if youre interested in following. I will keep updating this as well but it wont be baby related! Anyways, copy/paste! here's the link! http://twinsmakefour-aladynevertells.blogspot.com

Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Worry wart

It's been awhile since I have last updated this thing...So, HELLO again :D

I am 19 weeks today and feel very stressed out right now. So many things to do-so little time!
First and foremost, I cannot stop stressing out about the babies. I am worried every single day, hoping both of them are ok. I don't feel them move very much, just every so often. Then I keep hearing of the "vanishing twin syndrome". I swear that keeps coming up in my life. I don't want to think about that. I know at this stage-it's highly unlikely, but still with multiple pregnancies, ANYTHING can go wrong. I could lose one at any time. This has me constantly stressed out and worried. No parent wants anything to be wrong with their unborn child.So I am impatiently awaiting my ultrasound. They'll not only tell me the sexes, but make sure all the anatomy and stuff is right etc...Which is only 9 days away!

Secondly, We need a miracle. We need a new bigger house ASAP! I think we might've found one, But I'm hoping it becomes ours. A 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom bi level house would be much better than a 2 bdroom 1 bathroom house for a family of 6. 6! Ugh, i feel weird saying that. I don't even believe it. I don't think that will set in until ...well until I am done and I see them for myself. I feel happy but scared to DEATH about twins. Everyone is excited for me it seems. It's easier to say they're excited for me because they aren't the ones with two toddlers already. That probably sounded bitchy, but i meant that in the nicest way. It's just how i feel. I feel happy and excited but Im also in a state of euphoria in a sense because I don't believe it and I cant even imagine my life with 4 kids. Not to mention I feel like I'll have no help. My father is too weak to watch my girls at all, so I wont have their help when the babies come. My husbands mother has her hands full already so I hate asking or expecting help from her as well...I guess it'll just be me, jared (when he isn't working) and...my oldest daughter kayleigh. She happens to be so excited for babies and I know she'll do well. But, I will lose all sanity for awhile...That's one of the other things Im stressed out about...I cant even think straight about it.

Call me a worry wart, because I have been...
I shouldn't be because it's not healthy...But until I hold those little stinkers in my arms, have a new house, and have awesome helpers...then I will be stressed out. I just hope everything falls into place for us.

I'll try and update soon!!!