Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sneak Peak on SigmaBeauty's New collection!

If you are in need of some awesome new travel brushes, Sigma is coming out soon with a really cute collection!!!

November 21st is the release of the "cities" collection. This kit features 7 travel sized brushes that are from the best selling Essential and premium kits! The brushes are as follows!
E05 Eyeliner
E35 Tapered Blending
E45 Small Tapered
E60 Large Shader
F05 Small Contour
F15 Duo Fibre
and F30 Large powder

Here is a picture! (so CUTE)

The case turns into two cup holders to hold your brushes and each kit are named after cities!
London (brown), Toyko (pink), Paris (red) and New york (black)

they are VERY cute and I recommend checking these out as soon as they are available in stores!
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.Black friday will be awesome and I'll let you know further information as soon as I find out!!!
Here is the URL for happy shopping! Type in the following address below!


Revlon Lip Butters!

Such a hype these were on youtube as well as the twitter beauty community! I can see why! I purchased three colors that I saw swatched on a beauty blog and I fell in love with! I was blown away by how much I have enjoyed these. Let me just say I understand what all the hype was for! Normally, I am not a fan of lipsticks. It feels heavy on my lips and it wears fast. I am normally a lipgloss/tint girl. I was a little nervous but I heard that these also moisturized. SCORE! My lips are always chapped. I always have to wear something on them or i just feel weird and I constantly lick them. Not to mention I love a dab of shine and color when i am out the door! Back to my story, I bought these three and WOW! I am in love and wanting to grab more! Here are some pics and a swatch as well!
From left to right : Peach Parfait, Sweet Tart &Lollipop

Now another plus I have noticed is that the wear is wonderful! It creates a slight tint that stays on after the shiny lipgloss effect wears off.

This is with the flash above
Peach Parfait, Sweet Tart, Lollipop

and without the flash

Lastly here are swatches! (without flash)

Below is with the color boosted in the photo

As for descriptons on the colors:

1.Peach Parfait -Very subtle ,sheer light rose with gold reflects. This one is by far my favorite one. It gives the lips JUST the hint of color and shine for every day wear! This has a pleasant smell!

2.Sweet Tart- This one reminds me of candy! it's a girly coraly pink. Unlike Peach parfait, it is more pigmented. It still has shine but no reflects. The wear on this one is great! The tint lasts even after the shine wears off. It also has a pleasant smell!

3.Lollipop- Holy cow this one is definitely named correctly. Hot pink/fuschia. The tint also stays on LONG after the shine. Very pretty for basic eyeliner/pinup look as well as a night out! Along with the other two (it must be the commonality within all the lip butters) it also has a pleasant smell.

I am very pleased by the results of this. As stated, I am normally not a fan of lipsticks but these are by far definitely worth the 7.00 I paid for each! My lips have not been so dry anymore due to constant wear of them! If you get a chance, hurry and grab some up! They are going fast and I believe everyone should get their hands on these pretty lippies!

Thanks for reading! Until next time...


Friday, November 11, 2011


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Friday, November 4, 2011

Drugstore Must haves

Hey Everyone! So it's taken me QUITE a while to write this review on a few drugstore things I think are a must have! First and foremost, I shop the drugstore section almost all the time because I have learned there are MANY dupes and of course better products in general than the ones we spend mega bucks on. Recently, I saw a commercial on a new eyeshadow called Maybelline Color explosion. The commercial made the eyeshadow look BEYOND amazing so I INSTANTLY wanted to try and see if the glitter was shown in its true colors! There were a few others to choose from but I decided to go with a purple palette since purple is good with brown eyes. I went with "Amethyst ablazed" which looks like this:

Now the way its set up as you can see is it has 4 colors and a shimmer "glitter" that is to be applicated after you get the colors you desire on the lid. to give it a WOW factor. I noticed that after using it the glitter is a bit tricky to apply and it DOES leave alot of fallout. I recommend doing the whole look BEFORE foundation. However, the shimmer is pretty overall.
The colors are gorgeous! VERY pigmented and look like so:

Overall i'd definitely say this is a worthy purchase! I am very pleased with the color payoff as well as how well it stays on! you can mix our own combos and get really creative with it! A Must have and affordable!

Along with this purchase, I also decided since I am a sucker for blushes that I would also give a Maybelline blush a try as well. I got one from the "fit" collection and it was in Medium nude which looks like this :

As you can see this is a BEAUTIFUL pale,frosty pink! It works as a beautiful frost highlight or a subtle blushed look which I think is perfect for this weather! It isnt very pigmented so it does take a few applications but it is very similar to Mac's mineral skin finishes. I think this is also a must buy and am impressed by the FIT products in general.

Lastly, I purchased the FIT foundation in 120. It has a light pleasing scent and the coverage is NICE and Medium! I didnt take a picture of this because i figured description is just as good on a foundation. It hasnt affected my pores or caused unnecessary breakouts and to be honest the smell is actually cool to me considering most foundations stink. It also has an spf in it which is ALWAYS a plus.

ALL in all , I recommend you try the maybelline FIT line as I am very impressed by them! Give them a go! Let me know how YOU loved it!